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What are the most essential things you need when exhibiting? Let’s see… Firstly, you need to set a goal – what you want to achieve going to a trade show. Then, you will need to prepare some products samples to showcase, or promotional videos or presentations if you offer services. Of course, you can’t do without staff. And the most important, you need a trade show display to host your products, your staff and all your marketing activities. There are countless varieties of exhibition booths on the market and for newbies in exhibiting it can be really overwhelming to pick the right display. Therefore, we offer a brief tour through the most popular types of trade show exhibits.

Custom Trade Show Displays

For companies that don’t settle for typical off-the-shelf products custom displays are really a salvation. If your business don’t want to get lost in the sea of faceless exhibits, if you want to proudly show off your products, then opt for these booth. Their huge advantage is that you can have any design you want and any size you desire, and only your imagination is a limit… and budget, of course.

custom trade show displays

Portable Displays

For companies, that are not ready to invest in a massive booth portable exhibits are an optimal choice. Why are they called portable? The answer is obvious – because they are lightweight and easy to pack, ship and store. Depending on configuration these displays may have different methods of assembly, but the all have a common feature – it is a breeze to set them up. Many exhibits offer toolless assembly and you need mere second to erect a booth. Also, they are made out or sturdy materials such as aluminum extrusion that guarantees long service life. Despite being pre-fab products, there are so many varieties of portable trade show displays that any exhibitors may find a booth to meet his demands, aesthetic and budget.

portable stans

Modular Exhibits

Modular booth is sort of a step up from portable displays. Usually they feature a more sophisticated look, offer a greater selection of accessories, but the most important that they are prone to changing appearance. Such exhibits consist of modular parts that you can reconfigure as you desire to get a totally new booth every time. You can also change booths sizes – it is easy to get two 10ft. booths out or one 20ft. exhibit, and vice versa. The process of assembly is a little more trickier comparing to portable displays, but generally it is not that hard and often includes toolless assembly. When a both is torn down it is easy to ship and store it. Modular displays are made out of aluminum extrusion to serve you many years.

modular trade show exhibits

Rental Booth

This category of displays consists of various types of exhibits, including the ones listed above. Rental options are ideal for exhibitors who want to look grand but for some reasons don’t want to opt for purchasing their own display. So, exhibitors can apply to trade show companies that will gladly offer a great selection of hardware. The branded look is easily achieved by adding custom printed graphics. Usually, a booth provider will also offer services on shipping and setting up. And when the show is over all you need to do is to ship a rental exhibit back to the provider.

Of course, in such a short article we are not able to tell you about all the varieties of trade show displays, but now you have some general idea. So, if you don’t mind to splurge custom booth is just right for you. If you are on the budget opt for display rental options. If you are in the middle portable and modular products would be a great assess for your arsenal of marketing and promotional tools.

promotional giveaways

Giveaways are a unique type of marketing done by many businesses, both large and small, as a way of promoting their products, but the question remains: is it worth your time and effort to give away your product for free for the marketing that it provides? The answer may be more complicated than you initially think.
The methodology behind promotional giveaways is simple. If you offer up your product for free, it will generate a significant amount of interest in your product and brand. Not only will it attract more attention but there can also be conditional giveaways that encourage customers to visit your store or try other products that you are trying to sell. These potential positive outcomes are worth any business looking into as it can promote your brand to a wider audience and help it stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer but how do you do it efficiently and how effective is it all?

promotional item

A simple answer to the question is that yes promotional giveaways can work and can allow you to access markets that were previously inaccessible and are hard to market to. However, it is a bit more complex than simply just that. While giveaways are a powerful way of boosting your brand they have to be done correctly or they can be a waste of both time and money. One of the key things that make a successful giveaway is promoting a premium item or items that people would either not be able to afford usually or an article with a limited stock making it more desirable to a wider audience. The promotional item is the biggest draw, but it also has to be reasonable for your business. If you are a retailer giving away one tv out of a stock of five, it may make a little less sense than a car dealer giving away a reasonably priced car of which they have twenty. Another promotional giveaway might be multi-tiered which can attract more people as they are more likely to win, but it can also make your business cost more. The next step is making the giveaway accessible to an audience while promoting your brand or business. Many promotional giveaways usually require a condition such as purchasing a certain number of smaller items to enter a raffle to win the larger premium item. Conditions can be an effective way to get more people buying your products which will then provide you with a larger long-term customer base provided that your products are useful for the client. The idea of winning over buying can give your customer base a much higher satisfaction with your brand and can encourage them to buy from you more than your competitors as they will associate you with the winning of the product.

giveaway pens

As stated above, promotional giveaways can be done well to access customers, promote your brand, and increase your brand loyalty but it can also be detrimental if done poorly. Things have to be considered before the giveaway such as the cost of the item to your business, can you afford just to give it away? Are your requirements for entry in the giveaway achievable to customers while also promoting your business? Is the giveaway aimed at your target audience? These are just a few of the questions that need to be considered before promoting your giveaway.

Giveaways are done all over the world at trade shows, radio stations, local retail stores, and multinational corporations. When done well they can provide a massive boost to branding and customer satisfaction, but doing them well is a fine balancing act that can be difficult if not planned well.

Good advertising is crucial to the success of your business. Trade shows and conventions are a great place to advertise what you have to offer and get new business. Pop-up displays and other forms of display advertising such as trade show booths catch the eye of prospective clients and get the business you need to move ahead.

literature rack

If you are a large business or just have the expendables of a large business, there are modular displays that come with everything you need to get your customers to your trade show booths and keep them there. These can be kiosk types of set ups or walled unit trade show displays of many sorts. There is the tri-sectional or even a quad sectional that have seats, counters and even tables depending on how you want it set up.

There are also truss systems used to display various sales material such as sales posters and assorted other types of vinyl poster type materials. These can be simple systems set up to show off a backdrop, or they can be as elaborate as you wish. You can have a bi-level truss system for your trade show displays with several sized poster slots and decorative embellishment such as gleaming silver archways or burnished domes to catch the eye of your prospective clients.

table cover

Banner stands tend to be the least expensive and easiest part of displays to change: available in a wide range of formats, from small to large, static to dynamic, giving a distinct level of viewer interaction. Banner stands are the ‘accessories’ to a booth. When looking to buy these highly visual essentials, you’ll notice they often come in sets of two or three, allowing for play with their placement at each show. With a few sets there is an amazing opportunity to mix and match combinations that will offer your customers a new and exciting visual event.

Backdrop Banner (to hang above booth) – If you don’t already have a full-size display, then a fully printed fabric backdrop banner is another solution for your back wall. The banner can be designed to match your other promotional items, produced to exact specifications for your both, and fold compactly in your suit case for easy traveling. Buyer Tip: Ask your venue if they provide a cross bar (to insert inside a pole pocket). If not, you may want to consider adding grommets to the production of your banner.


There are also many different accessories and extras that can be used alone or in conjunction with other more elaborate systems. Literature racks on their own don’t do a great job of commanding attention of customers, but they are an essential part of your trade show displays and have a large part to play in your advertising budget. Lecterns, kiosks, and podiums are also things that may not come to mind at first when you think of advertising, but these can all be very important items in your booth, especially if you are having guest speakers or will be discussing your product with a crowd. To make your working place convenient you may use trade show counters. To learn more about them just visit

Lighting is another important product that doesn’t at first come to mind when considering advertising. The right lighting in your trade show booth can highlight your product and help it sell better than anything else. Also, spotlights, flashing lights, neon lights and other specialty lights all work together with your pop-up displays to get people’s attention.

It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to purchase all the necessary booths and accessories. If you attend trade shows not regularly or on the contrary – you don’t miss opportunities to participate in a good show and you want to stand out and wow visitors all the time with something new – you may consider an option of trade show display rentals. If you rent you save money on purchasing your own display. In additional you will save maintenance costs and eliminate all the storage related costs.  And of course you can demonstrate new displays every time you attend a new show.

The trade shows and conventions bring a lot of people together and make it a place you will want to take advantage of. Having the right displays and accessories will get you the attention you need to get more customers and make your business success.

CES show

Trade shows usually give different investors a chance of showcasing the different products they deal with. Buyers from both small and large outlets press and media as well as consumers gives themselves an opportunity of strolling the exhibits seeking to know about the next big break- through in their respective line of investment. You can really reap so many benefits if you will make it a habit of always attending the biggest trade shows normally organized in the US. This write- up will give you a list of the top biggest trade shows organized in the USA and how you can benefit by utilizing the opportunity they offer.


#1: CES

This trade show organized by Consumer Technology Association is intended to make people who want to be more knowledgeable and informed about the business of consumer technology. CES is considered the largest, global hand that showcases emerging innovations in all aspects of technological spectrum. One of the numerous benefits associated with this trade show is its ability of bringing leaders from different industries come and learn new things that can improve their business performance in the future.

#2: Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market

AmericasMart Atlanta is the organizer of this trade show. Since 2007, this international gift and home furnishing market has been having the highest volume buying. The trade show deals with different categories of products i.e. from furniture to its accessories, tabletop, gourmet, casual furnishings, to gifts and more. This Market is opened on the 6th of January and is recently attended by more that 90,000 attendees.

#3: MGIC Market Week

MAGIC is considered as the market whereby the community specializing in apparel, accessories as well as footwear builds business and shop for fashion from the other attendees. Every February and August more than 70,000 attendees gather and share information from this market organized by UBM/ Advanstar Communication Inc. Attend this market if you want ideas that you can use to make your product more appealing and more demanding in the future.

#4: America’ s Largest RV Show

This market organized by Pennsylvania RV and Camping Assn. hosts over 1200 New RVs as well as the most recent RV and camping accessories. First two days of the market are open often to industry personnel while the last five days are dedicated to consumers. Also, education events are held for both the public and industry and this makes the show to be considered a true hybrid.

#5: Comic Con

Comic- Con international organized in San Diego is also among the non- profit educational corporations dedicated to make investors more aware about the different advanced changes they can incorporate in their products. It is a market that deals with presentations of events and conventions which make art and culture to be more historic.

Last, but definitely not the least, these are the different biggest trade shows organized in the USA. Ensure that you attend them if you want to benefit from what they are believed they offer.

trade show events

Each and every business wishes that their products or services should be publicized and some businesses, who have established their market in the local area, wish to grab the attention of customers internationally. For these companies, brand image through engaging in international trade show exhibition can be highly beneficial. Even though, this type of participation will cost more for businesses, it can be pointed out as an investment to attract new and international customers to the business. Here are some of the benefits businesses can look for when they take part in international trade show exhibitions:

Interaction between decision makers and new buyers: These shows provide the opportunity for sellers to interact with buyers. The companies can get the opportunity to connect themselves with their potential customers. Even, the sellers can get the opportunity to meet the decision makers and they can stay up-to-date with the developments within their industry and they can find other participants from the same field.


Deciding on the cost of sale: When the potential buyers are met, it will be possible to get their idea about the cost they are expecting from the product. When this suggestion is obtained from different visitors, the company can decide on the right cost at which their product can be sold in that particular nation.

Publicity to the goods: Some companies cannot spend huge sum of money on mass publicity. These companies can take international tradefair show participation as a chance to publicize their products. The product can be advertised in front of a huge crowd of audience with a single expense.
A strong brand at the trade exhibiting engages potential customers at an emotional level. This is a great way to popularize a new product or service in the exhibition. The emotional attachment that will be created by the brand will inspire consumers to buy the company’s products or services. Also, future marketing costs will be reduced. As your brand gains popularity among consumers, they will easily identify your products and services using your strong brand. Such a strong brand will reduce future marketing costs as consumer loyalty will have been gained.

Trade shows is a very cheap way to do advertising. Usually trade shows cost some money. Just remember though that you are paying to have exposure to your target audience and the participating fee is a paltry sum when compared to the free advertising that you get. You don’t have to spend a lot to make people attracted to your brand. Knowing your products and services by heart, a well trained staff and a complete visual presentation plus the leaflets and brochures will be enough for the people to be attracted to your booth. Give aways will also help you attract people to your brand.


Access: Some companies base their operations in a remote area and so it will be difficult for the buyers to reach them out. On the other hand, when they participate in these international trade fairs, the potential customers will get to know the presence of the seller and so it will be easier for them to get in touch if the potential buyers are located near the business. As compared to many other marketing strategies, the buyers can get access to the suppliers easily and so they participate in larger number.

So, trade fairs are highly beneficial not only for suppliers, but also for customers as well. In summary if you do not represent well your company at the trade exhibition it may lead to:Loss of customer loyalty, reduced sells and in return collapse of the company