Each and every business wishes that their products or services should be publicized and some businesses, who have established their market in the local area, wish to grab the attention of customers internationally. For these companies, brand image through engaging in international trade show exhibition can be highly beneficial. Even though, this type of participation will cost more for businesses, it can be pointed out as an investment to attract new and international customers to the business. Here are some of the benefits businesses can look for when they take part in international trade show exhibitions:

Interaction between decision makers and new buyers: These shows provide the opportunity for sellers to interact with buyers. The companies can get the opportunity to connect themselves with their potential customers. Even, the sellers can get the opportunity to meet the decision makers and they can stay up-to-date with the developments within their industry and they can find other participants from the same field.


Deciding on the cost of sale: When the potential buyers are met, it will be possible to get their idea about the cost they are expecting from the product. When this suggestion is obtained from different visitors, the company can decide on the right cost at which their product can be sold in that particular nation.

Publicity to the goods: Some companies cannot spend huge sum of money on mass publicity. These companies can take international tradefair show participation as a chance to publicize their products. The product can be advertised in front of a huge crowd of audience with a single expense.
A strong brand at the trade exhibiting engages potential customers at an emotional level. This is a great way to popularize a new product or service in the exhibition. The emotional attachment that will be created by the brand will inspire consumers to buy the company’s products or services. Also, future marketing costs will be reduced. As your brand gains popularity among consumers, they will easily identify your products and services using your strong brand. Such a strong brand will reduce future marketing costs as consumer loyalty will have been gained.

Trade shows is a very cheap way to do advertising. Usually trade shows cost some money. Just remember though that you are paying to have exposure to your target audience and the participating fee is a paltry sum when compared to the free advertising that you get. You don’t have to spend a lot to make people attracted to your brand. Knowing your products and services by heart, a well trained staff and a complete visual presentation plus the leaflets and brochures will be enough for the people to be attracted to your booth. Give aways will also help you attract people to your brand.


Access: Some companies base their operations in a remote area and so it will be difficult for the buyers to reach them out. On the other hand, when they participate in these international trade fairs, the potential customers will get to know the presence of the seller and so it will be easier for them to get in touch if the potential buyers are located near the business. As compared to many other marketing strategies, the buyers can get access to the suppliers easily and so they participate in larger number.

So, trade fairs are highly beneficial not only for suppliers, but also for customers as well. In summary if you do not represent well your company at the trade exhibition it may lead to:Loss of customer loyalty, reduced sells and in return collapse of the company