trade show displays

What are the most essential things you need when exhibiting? Let’s see… Firstly, you need to set a goal – what you want to achieve going to a trade show. Then, you will need to prepare some products samples to showcase, or promotional videos or presentations if you offer services. Of course, you can’t do without staff. And the most important, you need a trade show display to host your products, your staff and all your marketing activities. There are countless varieties of exhibition booths on the market and for newbies in exhibiting it can be really overwhelming to pick the right display. Therefore, we offer a brief tour through the most popular types of trade show exhibits.

Custom Trade Show Displays

For companies that don’t settle for typical off-the-shelf products custom displays are really a salvation. If your business don’t want to get lost in the sea of faceless exhibits, if you want to proudly show off your products, then opt for these booth. Their huge advantage is that you can have any design you want and any size you desire, and only your imagination is a limit… and budget, of course.

custom trade show displays

Portable Displays

For companies, that are not ready to invest in a massive booth portable exhibits are an optimal choice. Why are they called portable? The answer is obvious – because they are lightweight and easy to pack, ship and store. Depending on configuration these displays may have different methods of assembly, but the all have a common feature – it is a breeze to set them up. Many exhibits offer toolless assembly and you need mere second to erect a booth. Also, they are made out or sturdy materials such as aluminum extrusion that guarantees long service life. Despite being pre-fab products, there are so many varieties of portable trade show displays that any exhibitors may find a booth to meet his demands, aesthetic and budget.

portable stans

Modular Exhibits

Modular booth is sort of a step up from portable displays. Usually they feature a more sophisticated look, offer a greater selection of accessories, but the most important that they are prone to changing appearance. Such exhibits consist of modular parts that you can reconfigure as you desire to get a totally new booth every time. You can also change booths sizes – it is easy to get two 10ft. booths out or one 20ft. exhibit, and vice versa. The process of assembly is a little more trickier comparing to portable displays, but generally it is not that hard and often includes toolless assembly. When a both is torn down it is easy to ship and store it. Modular displays are made out of aluminum extrusion to serve you many years.

modular trade show exhibits

Rental Booth

This category of displays consists of various types of exhibits, including the ones listed above. Rental options are ideal for exhibitors who want to look grand but for some reasons don’t want to opt for purchasing their own display. So, exhibitors can apply to trade show companies that will gladly offer a great selection of hardware. The branded look is easily achieved by adding custom printed graphics. Usually, a booth provider will also offer services on shipping and setting up. And when the show is over all you need to do is to ship a rental exhibit back to the provider.

Of course, in such a short article we are not able to tell you about all the varieties of trade show displays, but now you have some general idea. So, if you don’t mind to splurge custom booth is just right for you. If you are on the budget opt for display rental options. If you are in the middle portable and modular products would be a great assess for your arsenal of marketing and promotional tools.