Good advertising is crucial to the success of your business. Trade shows and conventions are a great place to advertise what you have to offer and get new business. Pop-up displays and other forms of display advertising such as trade show booths catch the eye of prospective clients and get the business you need to move ahead.

literature rack

If you are a large business or just have the expendables of a large business, there are modular displays that come with everything you need to get your customers to your trade show booths and keep them there. These can be kiosk types of set ups or walled unit trade show displays of many sorts. There is the tri-sectional or even a quad sectional that have seats, counters and even tables depending on how you want it set up.

There are also truss systems used to display various sales material such as sales posters and assorted other types of vinyl poster type materials. These can be simple systems set up to show off a backdrop, or they can be as elaborate as you wish. You can have a bi-level truss system for your trade show displays with several sized poster slots and decorative embellishment such as gleaming silver archways or burnished domes to catch the eye of your prospective clients.

table cover

Banner stands tend to be the least expensive and easiest part of displays to change: available in a wide range of formats, from small to large, static to dynamic, giving a distinct level of viewer interaction. Banner stands are the ‘accessories’ to a booth. When looking to buy these highly visual essentials, you’ll notice they often come in sets of two or three, allowing for play with their placement at each show. With a few sets there is an amazing opportunity to mix and match combinations that will offer your customers a new and exciting visual event.

Backdrop Banner (to hang above booth) – If you don’t already have a full-size display, then a fully printed fabric backdrop banner is another solution for your back wall. The banner can be designed to match your other promotional items, produced to exact specifications for your both, and fold compactly in your suit case for easy traveling. Buyer Tip: Ask your venue if they provide a cross bar (to insert inside a pole pocket). If not, you may want to consider adding grommets to the production of your banner.


There are also many different accessories and extras that can be used alone or in conjunction with other more elaborate systems. Literature racks on their own don’t do a great job of commanding attention of customers, but they are an essential part of your trade show displays and have a large part to play in your advertising budget. Lecterns, kiosks, and podiums are also things that may not come to mind at first when you think of advertising, but these can all be very important items in your booth, especially if you are having guest speakers or will be discussing your product with a crowd. To make your working place convenient you may use trade show counters. To learn more about them just visit

Lighting is another important product that doesn’t at first come to mind when considering advertising. The right lighting in your trade show booth can highlight your product and help it sell better than anything else. Also, spotlights, flashing lights, neon lights and other specialty lights all work together with your pop-up displays to get people’s attention.

It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to purchase all the necessary booths and accessories. If you attend trade shows not regularly or on the contrary – you don’t miss opportunities to participate in a good show and you want to stand out and wow visitors all the time with something new – you may consider an option of trade show display rentals. If you rent you save money on purchasing your own display. In additional you will save maintenance costs and eliminate all the storage related costs.  And of course you can demonstrate new displays every time you attend a new show.

The trade shows and conventions bring a lot of people together and make it a place you will want to take advantage of. Having the right displays and accessories will get you the attention you need to get more customers and make your business success.